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"Your class was an inspiration. Loved every moment."

"I go every week because I feel more alive and happy after a class."

"It was a very sparkling class - thank you!"

"What a special experience! Thank you all!" "I feel beautiful & renewed after dancing."

To quote Cole Porters about your class, "it's delightful, it's delicious, it's delectable, it's delirious, it's dilemma, it's de limit, it's deluxe, it's de-lovely."

"Much blessed to know and share your space. I am feeling so good after that session."

"I handle life better. I can meet the challenges of my day with new energy and balance."

"I communicate easily. I feel less stressed. My energy levels have soared."

"Thank you for sharing your incredible gift as a dancing instructor  it was such a beautiful evening! Thank you for your life giving vibrant energy  I received so much enlightened wisdom and great truths in the dance with such incredible, happy and humble Human Beings."

"Biodanza helped me to feel proud of being human once more."


Dearest Ren,

Every part of us, every wild rhythm-shake of us, sang an inner song of fire when we heard you were due to conduct a class in Kalk Bay.

The longings of our eager spirits and every part of our bodies led our hearts that evening to your class, which fast became a celebration of our body-rhythm and our link with Mother Earth.

That Friday night became a landmark. First, we danced alone, then in two's, three's and four's…building us up for joy and life. Ren, you transformed us into a concerto as we created a circle, eventually giving ourselves to the revolution of the earth.

On this evening of dance, Ren Skyclad, you led us into your bright light. Here is a tribute to your magical effect on everyone you talk with, dance with, associate with and more......

Dance-groping, she found us the place

where the sun, moon and planets embrace -

beating time with the gong as we pulse to the song

where love pours into every space.

Love and hugs, Mindi Baldwin








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