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Dancing at Camphill West Coast Village where we LOVE LIFE Together 2016

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.” Osho

The Poetry of Encounters... every Wednesday evening we dance at Camphill West Coast Village and it is such an Awesome Privilege to share this precious time...

...where everyone brings the best they can be

...where laughter, joy, creative expression, tenderness, stillness, peace and love warm our hearts, minds and souls.

It is an opportunity for the entire Camphill Village - staff and residents - to celebrate life Together

...growing a healthy community filled with compassion and joyful sharing.

xxx Ren







Past Events...




Biodanza "Compassionate Awakening"@ "Learning Clan Spring Talent Festival"

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute 2016






DAWN – Dynamic African Women Now – Women’s Month Celebration

This event welcomes both men and women and as part of Women's Month, honours the incredible work that many women are doing throughout the Cape, particularly through the Cape Flats and more deprived areas of the city. Usually around 100 participants are present at these annual events, and it's a truly inspiring and humbling way to spend a few hours learning how women face incredible challenges in pursuit of their dream to improve the quality of life for all South Africans.

Biodanza was my contribution to the day.

Blessed be, Ren


The Novalis Ubuntu Institute - Annual DAWN Women’s Month Celebration.

The DAWN celebration provides stakeholders in the A Chance for Every Child project, guests and participants with the opportunity to celebrate women working in civil society both past and present. 

We honour our mothers, sisters and daughters by re-affirming our dedication to awakening compassion and encouraging a healing transformation.  The day’s programme featured our dynamic DAWN speakers along with healing chant, Biodanza, Pan Eurythmy, poetry and live drawing.

Our DAWN Speaker’s included Marthe Muller of South African Women In Dialogue speaking on What South African Women Want, Anneen Ables Principal of Belthorne Primary School speaking on Holistic Education Leadership, Pediatric Chiropractor Dr Hannah Berry will offer Practical Tools For Teachers and Caregivers, and Fiona Gawronski producer of teaching text Art Reach speaking on the value of Art in literacy development.









  With Love Zwai and Ren  





Camphill Market - Celebrating World Joy and Peace

by Craig du Preez

What do a school teacher, a medical doctor, a psychiatrist, a poet, an artist, and anthropologist have in common?

Amongst the multitude of possibilities, I’m sure we can all agree they all contribute to the enrichment of our experiences in life. I am convinced that is exactly what Rolando Toro had in mind when he came up with Biodanza. The name itself is a synergy of words meaning dance of life and it is now practiced in over 54 countries in a myriad of cultural and personal development spheres. It is designed as a system for self -exploration, expression and development. Through the use of guided music and movement it is said to deepen self-awareness, encourage a deeper connection and understanding of the world around you.

The Participants are taken on a journey of exploration through movement, rhythm and freedom of expression. It aims to disarm them of natural fears and anxieties, fill them with joy and playfulness, leading them to a state of calm and connection with both themselves and others in their environment.

According to Ren Skyclad, a well-known Cape Town based community event and corporate Biodanza facilitatior, “The benefits of a Biodanza class are that you will leave feeling happy, relaxed and in communication with people again. There is also major biochemical and neurological rebalancing happening in the body – all contributing towards a sense of well-being. For many people, these changes progressively lead towards profound positive changes in their lives. People have found through this that their self-assurance grows, stress levels reduce, communication improves and their relationships just get better.”






End of year 2015 Celebrating Life with the children of Wingfield Primary School, Cape Town - Many of these children live in poverty and experience a challenging life but all children Love Dancing and are so affectionate and appreciative, freely laugh and blossom with love. Giving back through social action to create the positive change we all wish to see in our world - a world of loving connections, confident children - investing in the future leaders of our country.







Embrace Your Life Conference & Retreat in Simons Town March 2016

Dear friend

I'm sure you are feeling the changes coming.  How would you like to learn, experience and explore new ways to help you and your family cope, from practical experiences to creative and intensive workshops as well as  participating in group energy healing experiences?

Then welcome to The Embrace Your Life Conference & Retreat in Simons Town 4-6 March 2016.  The Embrace your Life Conferences travel’s around so this is a once off  offer to join us in Cape Town Simons Town, especially if you live near by.

This weekend promises to be brimming over with delight and presence.  Should you wish to stay over, take advantage of our accommodation options. We have a spectacular view, clean luxury rooms and lots of warm hearted company.

Come and dance in the crystal kaleidoscopic light of transformation. Share your journey with everyone present and dare to see yourself differently.

Your ticket of R350 opens the door to all of the following,Yoga, Biodanza, Ecstatic dance, Mandala Workshops, Kaleidoscopic crystal light projections, fireside storytelling, live music, ceremonies, discussions and community. Live performance with Heather Roth on the flute and sax and Ren with her Gong and chakra balancing bowls as we take you on a live sound and light bath through the StarGate of transformation on the Friday night.

It’s time to blend our highest hopes for humanity with practical strategies for positive change. Individuals co creating practical and fundamental changes in their lives and the lives of others . So come, listen, learn, dance, transform and share your journey with others who also choose to believe in a positive outcome and not just doom and gloom.

Why a woman’s retreat? Woman hold the power of community. As woman we are being called to come together as powerful conductors, transmitters and receivers of the feminine energy of love, compassion and community at this time to ignite and awaken mother gala’s earths energy grid at this specific magical place in Simons Town Southern Africa through our  Divine Feminine ability of Co-creation.

This does not mean we have excluded the male energy from full participation, men are invited to participate as “honoured guests”. I see us as woman who want to see beyond separation, for this we need time and space to mingle and move around each other grounding the feminine energy through our feet into mother earth and back up into all of humanity. We are coming together to explore  the dynamic, subtle and powerful connections of growing community consciousness in South Africa, one step at a time, going with the flow as we move closer to our core values embracing our life and all the chances it offers us to grow






Women of the Earth 2016 - Kommetjie

Balancing our Yin and Yang…


“Human strengths – willpower… compassion… the seeking of freedom are kept alive when people are inspired by love - there is a blending of feminine and masculine qualities.

Those who live deeply in love with the fullness of life are capable of standing up (fighting) for what they care about with all that they have.” The Time of the Black Jaguar, Arkan Lushwala

There are so many ways we can move to music and connect deeply with our sacred feminine and sacred masculine…. discovering our unique harmonic resonance… integrating mind, heart, and soul, so that how we Think, Feel and Act blend in a beautiful connection with Life and Love… within ourselves And together as community

In Biodanza, we move to music with intention, together. There are no steps to learn, and I guarantee that you will access more joy and peace at every dance experience.

And so, I invite you….

Come and fall in love with life all over again…

Dancing Biodanza with Ren Skyclad






Hout Bay Green Faire 2015 - inspiring our youth to care for the planet through an adventure - Eco Warriors Dance for Peace








Dynamic African Women Now – DAWN was the theme of the women’s day celebrations at the Novalis Ubuntu Institute in Cape Town this month, and I was honoured to present a mini-Biodanza vivencia experience for approximately 80 guests - movers and shakers of the social development and education worlds in the Cape, women from diverse cultural backgrounds.

The entire day was hugely empowering, celebratory and highly emotional, with a programme including speeches, poetry, theatre and tributes… and the Biodanza vivencia was a welcome release of physical tension for the seated participants…. and I’m happy to say, a resounding success!

Each dance ended with cheers and applause, even some ululating, and even though we slightly ran over time, the audience shouted, “one more song, one more song”.

The 'magic' of the Biodanza System is in the poetry of each encounter - encountering ourselves, each other and the group with open hearted wonder, appreciation and affirmation, so appropriate for a day celebrating the gift of Women in our World!







Bringing the light of Life through music and dance to the elderly residents at Huis Zonnekus, Milnerton Christmas celebrations 2015.














E~A~R~T~H H~O~U~R Dance of the Flames

Taalmonument Earth Day Celebration...

Shiva Gong, Diva Fluteyloops, and the Gratuitously Gracious Drummers supporting the Psychedelic Theatre Dancers at Paarl Monument .

Come and spend an afternoon of complete indulgence...

Nestled within Paarl's midsummer night's forest of dreams lies a dale of velveteen grass upon which to picnic to your heart's content... then, as the last light of the day caresses your cheeks, awaken the fiery passion within as you watch the sublime... the magical performance of Flame and Flow.

Feel the allure of a pink flamingo sky, as deep rumbling earth rhythms pulsate, and soar on wings of ethereal delight, as an orchestra of sounds, sights and sensual adventures feed your essence... perhaps even capture your soul... in honour of Earth Day.

Let the fun begin  I invite you... Ren









T~R~E~E S~P~I~R~I~T / A~L~T~E~R~E~D S~T~A~T~E~S

Ren Skyclad "GONG" Soundbath Journey

Look at the trees,

Look at the birds,

Look at the clouds,

Look at the stars...

And if you have eyes you will be able to see the whole existence is joyful.


Our solid roots in the underground depths

Give life to what we are.

The spirits will call,

our souls will sing,

the branches of LOVE will reach wide and far.








THE GREAT MANTRA / Altered States / Ren Skyclad "GONG" Soundbath Journey

Altered States is an outdoor party group that are passionate about getting people involved, connected souls through parties to experience the power of resonance, of music and movement in fantastic outdoor venues. Their party on 20 April was entitled The Great Mantra... AUM, which symbolises the sound of creation, the resonance of LIFE.

Held on a farm near Stellenbosch, The Great Mantra party started with a movement and sound journey. Everyone was invited to join in a short series of exercises designed to wake up the body, mind and soul and to remember that we are all connected. From breathing in earth and sky, awakening each other with light pats to the back, exploring the rhythm of the elements and breathing out with our hearts...we culminated these exercises by forming a Kundalini snake train, after which everyone chanted Aummmmm... together, and we began a sound journey of singing bowls, gong soundbath, djembe, didge, shakers, voice and movement, celebrating the joy of being present and Alive.






Cosmic Fire - Kalk Bay - Live Gong Soundbath as part of our journey of dance together


We are the children of the elements

Nurslings of the star filled skies

A wondrously mysterious happen-stance

Harmonic resonating, glorious cosmic dance...

Wheels of change transmute, life through death... and life renews

Cycles mark the mixed paths we choose...


Awakened, new hope begins to grow

Young tendrils through the darkness move

Sparks of desire, flames of life pulsate and flow

Renewing sweet innocence, birthing clear and pure

Like a child from the womb, a flower fresh in bloom

We rise...and dreams spring to life once more...


Connected we be, for eternity

Love weaves an effervescent flow...

Dancers of the sky, in clarity we grow

Dancers with our dreams...come and revel in the flames

Swim the waves of desire, spirits soaring free

Come and dance your Cosmic Fire.


Ren Skyclad








Earth Hour

A picnic under the stars, and fire dancers accompanied by acoustic musicians, including Ren Skyclad / Shiva Shakti Gong - a midsummer's dreamworld of pyromaniac play in a magical musical forest...





CandleLight: Live instruments! - Erin Hall, 8 Erin Road, Rondebosch, Cape Town


"Awakening your senses"


Pulsate, breathe, feel and dance: Biodanza with live instruments.

With Marcelo Toro, Ren Skyclad, Alan Hughes and Daniel Cohen.







Facilitating of Biodanza @ the Wedding Celebration of Tenille and Kerry

Biodanza offers a unique opportunity, during weddings and union ceremonies for everyone to relax, get connected and have fun together.






Biodanza session for parents and children (age 4 to 10) at the "Little Green Gathering"

Joy of dancing together, sharing love and FUN in movement.

We'll dance with the animals, learn from the animals, go on many adventures, play games, be heroes, explorers, angels, pixies, create a million different worlds and for a time create a world where we live the all is possible dream.

Little Green Gathering Community / Facebook






Co -facilitaton of a variety of projects with the children of Zerilda Park Primary School, Lavender Hill, Western Cape, working in conjunction with Earthchild.




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