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‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ FOR CORPORATE / Team Building and Training

‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ is a fantastic way to strengthen people’s sense of personal identity and encourage a healthy connection with life...we move to music, play games, laugh, share great rhythms and enjoy beautiful melodies together. This powerfully connects people to LIFE.

- facilitate transitional or transformational change programmes

- celebrate great team achievements together

- improve skills in non verbal communication 

- increase empathy and raise group morale

- offer something interesting and different to reduce stress and motivate your employees

‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ is a fantastic tool for personal development to include as a key element of your business development, marketing or human resource strategy AND as a priceless gem at end of year celebrations and other social events.

No previous experience is necessary, no steps to learn. People are encouraged to move spontaneously in their own way. The environment is fun and relaxing - sharing a great atmosphere that actively helps to build healthy connections.  

If you would like to arrange a Team Building exercise at your company, contact me at renbrightlight999@gmail.com to arrange an appointment and discuss your exact needs for a bespoke session/programme for your Company.





Testimonials from corporate functions and social events:

"You weave the session with such effortless ease - you're such a perfect facilitator, it seems to come so naturally to you Ren Skyclad - thanks for all the time you put into preparing this Biodanza event for us."

"Words are too limiting to describe the expansiveness and deep connection to self and others that Biodanza is teaching us. So much more than "dance'. It is completely transformational. Such a privilege to share it with you and our group. I truly hope that so many more people can share this incredible dance - a movement of the soul and spirit. No choreography but unique expression of the self. LOVING IT. Thank you Ren Skyclad"

"I'm now ready for this week! A wonderful session of movement, music, sharing & fun. Ren Skyclad, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your incredible passion with us all 

"No matter how I'm feeling before a class, I'm a whole new person that leaves!  Thank YOU Ren, for sharing your magic with us all!"



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