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‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ - Connecting You to a Brighter Life through Dance


‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ raises your capacity for improved health of body, mind and spirit...a vital, joyful, inspiring, friendly and safe experience that strengthens:

- Your sense of Self

- Your ability to communicate

- Improves the quality of your relationship with life, your life partners, family, friends and colleagues

- Therefore improving your overall sense of well-being and happiness

‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ works by releasing your capacity for joy, building self esteem and self confidence. It’s simple, direct and immediate. No steps to learn.

Within 10 minutes of class, people awaken to their sense of joy – confident, strong, bright and from the heart. With regular classes a powerful sense of your unique strength and beauty grows and deepens.

Joy is peace dancing, Peace is joy at rest - We connect with Joy and Peace every class and Fall in Love with Life all over again.

About Ren Skyclad:

“Life Is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

I am a passionate dancer of life, qualified as both Professor of Biodanza and in Conscious Dance, as well as Gong Soundbath Therapy. Through my work, I regularly witness the power of movement and music to catalyse profound healing for both individuals and for communities.

I feel privileged to facilitate regular ‘Free to be ME Conscious Dance’ every Monday evening with an awesome group, where we Celebrate Life Together.

In addition, I facilitate a variety of workshops for Corporate; LOVE offering dance events at weddings and special occasions; with regular sessions at private rehabilitation centres and at Camphill West Coast Village for the intellectually challenged.

"I love inspiring people to feel and be part of positive change that we all wish to see in the world - celebrating life while dancing together is a magnificently enjoyable and transformational way to inspire everyone with the passion to live a happy, fulfilling life."





I, alone and self-contained
Yet eager
to try this new thing 
called Love

Stranger fingers gently connect
Pulse, rhythm, soul growth resonate
Hearts bright within, eyes hidden, shy
Shared touch ignites the aural sky

Alive, we now connect
And soften
to share this new thing
called Trust

Biodanza, Cosmic Dance
Vivencia awakens joy's bright
Dancers connect through self to light

I, all one, alive and free
And hoping
to be this new thing 
called Dance 

To move with abandon
Earthling, drawing in cosmic breath
Mind free of schism and fog
Balance gained in movement and song

I and We, connected be
to LOVE this our thing
Called LIFE

Ren Skyclad





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